Monday, November 23, 2009

Oh another day!

Today is Monday! Monday madness! LOL! 3 days before thanksgiving! And I feel good, i think it's the new Med Cymbalta! YAY! So went to Target and sam's Club and Bank Lines everywhere! and then walmart to take out my Cymbalta for the first time, I have been taking samples. And they tell me my insurance won't Cover it! So I call my Doctor and I got more Samples, They are going to send a letter to my insurance telling them I need and they should Cover it! Thank God! Now making dinner for My Brothers and I. And I feel ok. Back pain plus I feel like I broke my Ribs! Odd, I have to tell Mom. Mom saw My ribs and they are swollen!Oh man!Oh I forgot my Blood leavels are back up!! YAY! I'm So happy! Mom and Daddy going on a date, awww....! :D LOL! BBL (Be back Later)
Back! had Burgers for Dinner. I feel better :) So now going to bed after watching Golden girls for 4 hours! LOL! I love that Show! LOL! Night! God bless!


  1. Hi Pam, yes, yes, me, your BFF from twitter =) ... I wanted to write to tell you how happy I am that you started writing this blog telling people what happens to you and as you well know not only you have that problem but many other people too, and in this way (through blog ), people will be able to tell how they live from their experience, and you will understand much better. =)

    I do not know much about it. Recently I heard when you told me about your problem ... but as time goes on I will learn more about it because I want to know, understand and is good for people to learn and also consientice of in a way, and help as they can, either through charity, the spread or the way they can ...

    I hope that you feel comfortable writing about you ... and how it all started, how your family supports you, how it feels, hoe you live it, what bothers you and what you like, things you do every day, the fact that your life has changed somehow, but you press forward , faced the problems and learning to move on with your life after overcoming ... =)

    You know that you have my support from Argentina =)
    You can always count on me because while I'm away I'll support! I love doing it ... =)

    I'll continue reading this blog because I like it because it interests me and my friend Pam writes! my unstoppable pam hahahaha I love that name ... means that you follow ahead regardless of any obstacle that comes your way and stop you from reaching your goals in life =) ♥

    Remember this: ... a little bit longer and u'll be fine ... ♥

    All the best girl, I love you!

    Lucia ... From Argentina

  2. Hey Girl! Thank You So much For your Support. I'm Happy You want to know more about it! You're a great friend, My besite! LOL! Everything you said make me want to cry! You are a Great friend! You always tell me a little bit longer and u'll be fine ...
    I hope so Soon! Thank you So much
    <3 your amazeing friend


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