Tuesday, November 17, 2009

How I got RA or JRA!

So This is My First Post It's Called how I got RA or JRA I'm Pam,I'm 18 and I have RA. It was when I was 13 years old and it was winter. My first symptom was pain in all of my back. It started in the lower part. I could not sleep at night and couldn't run anymore. I loved to run but I couldn't. Somehow....all that disappeared. How it happened is well, I woke up one morning stiff and had alot of trouble moving all day long. My back was hurting all day then. Every morning from then on I Well, my Provider sent me to an adult Rheumatologist in 2004. He had a waiting list for six months. When I finally saw him, he ordered x-rays and bloodwork. Then he diagnosed me as having growing pains and casually said "If I wanted to I could take an MRI." Like he was ordering lunch. I believed him and went along my merry way. Then I kept having pain. I was so confused as to what was going on. I went back to my provider in 2006 and she said see this Rehabilitation doctor about the pain. So I went and she said my legs were longer than my torso and my muscles were too firm, that I needed pilates or yoga. I believed her. I kept having pain. After that we just stopped going to doctors. My parents and I were so discouraged as to what was making me have pain. I was having a hard time finding doctors, because there aren't that many pediatric Rheumatologists. So once I got older it was easier to find a Rheumatologist. Finally on my own in 2008,I researched doctors in my city and since my parents insurance is PPO. I went to another Rheumatolist. She did a series of test. She did a bone density on my wrists and feet. Catscans on my spine. She said that I have erosion on my left wrist. So the diagnosis is JRA. Even though my bloodwork didn't show anything. She gave me meds that didn't work and she wanted to go full force with shots. My parents decided to do a second opinion. So I went to my fourth doctor and he is now my current Rheumatologist doctor. He said the same thing that I have JRA with Osteopina with mild Fibromyalga. He thinks also its leaning toward Sjogren's syndrome. It all So much for me! I mean, I was trying to be a Nomal teenager but it was SO hard! I used to take 8 meds for my RA,I take Folic Acid,Methatraxete,Diclofenac,Plaquenil,sulfaslazin, Omega Fish oil and 2 meds for my Asthma And 2 for my allgers.
But my blood work came back and my white and red blood cells are Really low and my platelets are really low to! SO I stopped Plaquenil and one more. And I can't go out and be around sick people But who wants to be around sick people! LOL! I have a Crazy life for someone who has RA or JRA. I mean, Could my life get any more Crazy! LOL! So this Blog is about a Teenage girl With RA. Hope you read it! And like it and I make you laugh!


  1. Welcome to the blogosphere. Very sorry to hear that it took so long to get a diagnosis. Hang in there!

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  3. Dang girl! You made me cry! :[ You keep doing your thang you hear me!!! :] <3 always - Makayla aka @Joes_Heart

  4. Thanks Warmsocks! I love it! And Makayla! Thanks for the Suppor! Love yoy always! You are One of my Best friends always worried about me! :D


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